Welcome to Course Outlines

Here you’ll find an outline for each course offered in LA&PS, complete with:

  • Dates, times and locations.
  • The format: Courses can be offered through a traditional online format (ONLN) or a blend of online and interactive components (BLEN)
  • Prerequisites and co-requisites: If a course requires you to have some previous knowledge, it will list a prerequisite (a course you must take before enrolling) or a co-requisite (a course that must be taken simultaneously).
  • Course credit exclusions: If a course covers material that is quite similar to another, it will be identified as a “course credit exclusion.” You can enrol in both courses but will only receive credit for one of them.
  • Access and disability information.
  • Info about academic honesty and the student code of conduct.

For more course information, contact your department directly.