AP/ADMS3010 0.0 A: Internship Work Term

Offered by: ADMS


Fall 2019





Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

This experiential education course reflects the work term component of the Internship Program. Qualified Honours students gain relevant work experience as an integrated complement to their academic studies, reflected in the requirements of a learning agreement and work term report. Students are required to register in this course for a four month work term, with the maximum four work terms allowed (i.e. 16 months). Students in this course receive assistance from the Career Centre prior to and during their internship, and are also assigned a Faculty Supervisor/Committee from the relevant academic area. Registration in AP/ADMS 3010 0.00 provides a record on the transcript for each work term. All guidance regarding internship program is provided by the Career Centre. Enrollment in this course is by permission only. Criteria for permission includes: 1. minimum GPA as specified by their academic area (e.g. Accounting: 6.0 average); 2. successful completion of at least nine selected credits at the 3000-level as specified by their academic area; 3. full-time enrolment in the Honours or Specialized Honours Degree as specified by the academic program prior to beginning the internship; 4. successful completion of the mandatory preparatory sessions as outlined by the Career Centre; 5. have not been absent for more than two consecutive years as a full-time student from their Honours Degree studies; 6. have a minimum of 15 credits remaining to complete for their Honours Degree upon enrolling in this course and to return as a full-time student for at least one academic term upon completion of their final work term.

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