AP/ADMS3705 3.0 A: Emergency Management: Field Experience

Offered by: ADMS


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

Placements in the field provide students with the opportunity to apply theories of emergency management in a variety of organizations within the private, public and NGO sectors. Prerequisites: AP/ADMS/DEMS 2700 3.00 and AP/ADMS/DEMS 3701 3.00 with a minimum grade of C+ in each course. Cross-Listing:: AP/DEMS 3705 3.00 Open only to those students enrolled in the Bachelor of Disaster and Emergency Management or the Emergency Management Certificate. Note 1: Students are required to apply for this course and will be selected by the course director based upon their prior demonstrated knowledge and competence. Note 2: Students are responsible for finding their own field placement. The course director will assist students with this on an informal basis. The field experience cannot begin until an Agreement between York University and the Host Institution is signed. Note 3: Students are required to meet with the course director prior to the commencement of the course. The field experience component of this course will require a commitment of 12 hours per week over 11 weeks (132 hours).

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