AP/ADMS4707 3.0 A: CI Risk

Offered by: ADMS


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

This course will explore threats, vulnerabilities and risks to critical infrastructure from the perspective of ensuring for reliability through appropriate protection and resiliency measures and strategies. It will examine and assess regulatory requirements, legislation and due diligence in terms of ensuring for the effective management of risks by critical infrastructure owners and operators. Incidents and threats to critical infrastructures stemming from natural disasters, accidents, physical and cyber attacks by criminals, terrorists and nation states are undertaken. Prerequisites: AP/ADMS/DEMS 2700 3.00, AP/ADMS/DEMS 3701 3.00, AP/ADMS/DEMS 3702 3.00, AP/ADMS/DEMS 3703 3.00. Cross-Listing: AP/DEMS 4707 3.00

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