AP/GEOG3540 3.0 A: Field Studies in Physical Geography

Offered by: GEOG

(Cross-listed to: SC/GEOG3540 3.0A )


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

This course begins with lectures on field research methodology. The second phase concentrates on defining a field problem, leading to data collection in the field. The final part of the course deals with data analysis, and reviews methodological implications. Includes lectures, seminars and workshops, and a three to four day field trip. Prerequisites: Students must be registered as Honours majors in Geography or Environmental Science and must have successfully completed AP/GEOG 2420 3.00 and one of AP/GEOG 2400 6.00, AP/GEOG 2500 3.00 or AP/GEOG 2600 3.00; or permission of the Instructor. Course credit exclusions: SC/MATH 3330 3.00, AP/GEOG 4540 3.00 (prior to Fall 2012), SC/GEOG 4540 3.00 (prior to Fall 2012).

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