AP/MODR1770 6.0 C: Techniques of Persuasion

Offered by: MODR


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

This is a skills-based course focusing on critical thinking, persuasive writing, and strategic argumentation. Examples are drawn from various forms of persuasion including advertising, propaganda and political argument. Course credit exclusions: AP/MODR 1730 6.00, AP/MODR 1760 6.00. Note: This is an approved LA&PS General Education course: Humanities OR Social Science.

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    Additional Course Instructor/Contact Details

Josh Paul


Office Location:  S441 Ross Building

Phone Number:  (416) 736-2100 Ext. 77592

Office Hours:  Monday & Wednesday 2:30 – 3:30 and by appointment

    Expanded Course Description

In this course we will learn tools of critical thinking with an emphasis on persuasion and how we are persuaded, according to advertising and political ideology, in everyday life. The first half of the course will concern critical thinking and ways in which good arguments might or might not be persuading. The tools learned in the first half will be applied to the second half where we consider techniques of marketing/advertising persuasion (expanding on discussions in the first half) and the ways in persuasion functions politically through propaganda and dominant ideology.

    Required Course Text / Readings

The Power of Critical Thinking (5th Edition)

Other readings available on the Moodle site.

    Weighting of Course

Class/Homework: 20%

Midterm test: 25%

Writing Assignment: 30%

Final Exam: 25%

    Organization of the Course

First half of the course will be focused on the discipline of critical thinking as we work our way through the course text. Various homework assignments will be designed to prepare students for the mid-term. Following the mid-term, the second half of the course will focus on applying the skills learned in the first term to the material of the second term. There will be a major writing assignment and a final.

    Course Learning Objectives

To be familiar with the basics of critical thinking, including deductive and inductive reasoning. To understand that persuasion and good reasoning are not always the same. To understand the way different techniques of persuasion function in our everyday life.

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