AP/PHIL1002 3.0 A: Justice, Law and Morality

Offered by: PHIL


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

An introduction to some foundational questions in moral, political, and legal philosophy. Topics to be covered include (but are not restricted to) the nature of law and punishment, morality, justice, equality, rights, and liberty. PRIOR TO FALL 2017: Course credit exclusion AP/PHIL 1002 6.00.

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    Additional Course Instructor/Contact Details

Devlin Russell


Office Location:  S424 Ross Building

Phone Number:  (416) 736-2100 Ext. 77584

Office Hours:  Monday & Wednesday 12:00 – 2:00 & Tuesday 1:00 – 2:00

    Expanded Course Description

This course will engage some of the most pressing ethical issues of our time: sexual assault and harassment, oppression, immigration, reconciliation, free speech vs safe spaces, artificial intelligence, privacy, veganism, and drug legalization. Our aim will be to use philosophical theory to help develop real solutions for what seem to be insurmountable problems.

    Required Course Text / Readings

Cahn, S. M. and Forcehimes, A. T. Exploring Moral Problems: An Introductory Anthology

    Weighting of Course

Peer-reviewed Writing Assignments        10%

Explain (300 words)             10%

Reconstruct (600 words)     12%

Criticize (900 words)           13%

Defend (1200 words)           20%

Final Exam    25%

Participation Ongoing        10%

    Organization of the Course

Lecture & tutorials

    Course Learning Objectives

Lecture & tutorials

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