AP/PPAS3136 3.0 A: Public Law II

Offered by: PPAS


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

We focus on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including freedom of expression, legal rights, equality rights, language rights, aboriginal people's rights and judicial review of public administration. NCR Note: No credit will be retained for this course for students who successfully completed AK/POLS/SOCI 3561 6.00 in Fall/Winter 2005-2006. Course credit exclusion: AP/SOSC 3360 6.00. PRIOR TO FALL 2009: Course credit exclusions: AK/AS/POLS 3136 3.00, AK/POLS 3405 6.00 (prior to Fall/Winter 2006-2007), AK/SOCI 3136 3.00, AK/SOCI 3405 6.00 (prior to Fall/Winter 2006-2007), AK/SOCI 3900C 6.00 (prior to Fall/Winter 2005-2006), AS/POLS 3605 3.00 (prior to Fall/Winter 2006-2007) and AS/SOSC 3360 6.00.

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