AP/PPAS4310 3.0 A: Program Evaluation I

Offered by: PPAS


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

Provides students with the fundamental methodological tools necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of government programs, and includes a review of the extensive literature in this area. Students will learn techniques for evaluating assessments, and will learn to develop research designs for formative evaluations, summative evaluations and needs studies. Prerequisites: AP/POLS 3300 6.00 or AP/PPAS 3300 6.00, or permission of the Instructor. Course credit exclusions: AP/POLS 4300 6.00, AP/PPAS 4300 6.00, GL/POLS 4300 6.00. Note: Students taking this course are strongly encouraged to also complete AP/PPAS 4320 3.00 offered in the subsequent term. The reason for this recommendation is that students typically work on the same program evaluation project in the two courses.

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