AP/SOWK4240 3.0 A: Social Work Concerning Disability

Offered by: SOWK


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

From a policy and a social work practice perspective, this course will examine the social services provisions for individuals with developmental disabilities. The emphasis may vary year to year from physical to developmental disabilities. Prerequisite for post-degree BSW Honours majors: AP/SOWK 2050 6.00, AP/SOWK 2060 3.00 and AP/SOWK 2070 3.00. Prerequisites for direct entry BSW Honours majors: 42 credits in non-social work courses; AP/SOWK 1011 6.00, AP/SOWK 2050 6.00, AP/SOWK 2060 3.00 and AP/SOWK 2070 3.00. Note: Only under extenuating circumstances may BSW students receive permission by the Undergraduate Program Director to take 4000-level electives simultaneously with second- and third-year social work core courses. All student requests for these permissions must be directed to the School of Social Work Undergraduate Program office.

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