AP/GEOG3590 3.0 A: Conservation in the GTA

Offered by: GEOG


Summer 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

This course investigates conservation issues in Canada from a political ecology perspective, charting the history of the conservation movement along with some of the most pressing contemporary conservation issues unfolding within Canada including the social, economic, and political geographical processes and contexts from which they have emerged. We will ground our study of these issues by examining a number of conservation-related controversies and projects unfolding in the GTA. This will enable us to better understand how Canadian conservation issues play out within our own communities, both historically and today, how local conservation issues reflect national and global geographical processes, and the innovative ways local groups are working to address these issues. Prerequisites: Geog. 1000 or Geog. 1410 and 54 credits successfully completed or written permission of the instructor.

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