AP/SOWK3070 3.0 A: Foundations of Social Work Research

Offered by: SOWK


Summer 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

Introduces students to the basics of social work research. The course examines various research approaches, research designs relevant to social work. Translation of social work issues into researchable questions and designs will be discussed. Prerequisite for post-degree BSW Honours majors: AP/SOWK 2050 6.00, AP/SOWK 2060 3.00, AP/SOWK and 2070 3.00.Prerequisites for direct entry BSW Honours majors: 30 credits in non-social work courses; AP/SOWK 1011 6.00, AP/SOWK 2050 6.00, AP/SOWK 2060 3.00 and AP/SOWK 2070 3.00. Corequisites for direct entry BSW Honours majors: AP/SOWK 3041 3.00, AP/SOWK 3060 3.00, AP/SOWK 3070 3.00 and AP/SOWK 3110 3.00.

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