AP/HIST4508 6.0 A: Cultures & Colonialism: Canada 1600-1900

Offered by: HIST


Summer 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

Explores issues of contact and colonialism in Canadian history from 1600 - 1900. Themes may include the shifting practices of European imperialism; new cultural forms created by First Nations-European contact; changing economic systems; and patterns of state formation. Prerequisites: AP/HIST 1035 6.00 or AP/HIST 1050 6.00 or AP/HIST 1086 6.00 or AP/HIST 2500 6.00 or AP/CDNS 2200 6.00 or AP/HIST 3546 6.00 or AP/HIST 3550 6.00 or AP/HIST 3581 6.00 or AP/MIST 1050 6.00 or by departmental permission.Open to: This course is restricted to History or Canadian Studies Honours majors and minors who have successfully completed at least 84 credits.

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