AP/MIST4800 6.0 A: Honours Thesis

Offered by: MIST


Summer 2019





Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

Students will design and write a thesis in consultation with a faculty supervisor. Note 1: Students must be accepted by a faculty supervisor before they can register in AP/HREQ/MIST 4800 6.00 Honours Thesis. Note 2: Students electing Honours Thesis should take it after their theory and methods course. Prerequisites: AP/HREQ/MIST 3100 6.00 or AP/REI 3100 6.00 (prior to Fall 2013). Pre/Corequisites: Students must have successfully completed 78 credits. Course credit exclusion: AP/REI 4800 6.00 (prior to Fall 2013). Open to: Honours HREQ or MIST Majors.

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