AP/ANTH2100 6.0 A: Global Capitalism, Culture, and Conflict

Offered by: ANTH


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

This course analyzes and critiques the social and cultural foundations of historical and contemporary forms of global capitalism. The curriculum focuses on a critical examination of the social, political, and economic consequences of the production and circulation of global commodities, the rise of consumer capitalism, and the idea of the society of perpetual growth, as well as the resulting patterns of social change that continue to transform cultures worldwide. The rise of various forms of conflict that can accompany these global processes, such as terrorism, religious fundamentalism, xenophobia, racism, and nationalism, will complement our consideration of contemporary issues ranging from immigration, transnational labour mobility, and global flows of technology. Course credit exclusion: AP/ANTH 2100 3.00.

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