AP/CH4800 6.0 A: Humor/Satire in Chinese Literature

Offered by: CH


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

Introduces the world's oldest tradition of humor and satire, and focuses on their characteristics in both written and oral works in modern and contemporary Chinese. Students learn the theory and the relationship between humor and satire, as well as their particular artistic devices. Through reading, acting and analysis of the selected works they experience how the Chinese language is creatively, colourfully and skillfully used and understand why such works are highly appreciated by the Chinese people in their daily lives. Throughout the course, the students are encouraged to bring examples of humor/satire encountered in their own daily lives or reading, and to experiment with composing their own creative humorous and satirical works in Chinese. Prerequisite: Any 3000-level in AP/CH, or with permission of the department.

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