AP/COMN4140 6.0 B: Comm. Field Exp: Corporate and Cultural

Offered by: COMN


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

Students earn course credit by working on a project for an organization involved in communication policy development, information services or administration. Details of each student's responsibilities are worked out in consultation with the supervisor, the Instructor and the student. Prerequisite: AP/COMN 1310 9.00 (prior to Fall 2012) or AP/COMN 1000 6.00 or one 3000-level social science course. Course credit exclusions: AP/COMN 4141 6.00, AP/COMN 4150 6.00, AP/COMN 4340 6.00 (prior to Fall 2012), AP/COMN 4341 6.00 (prior to Fall 2012).

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