AP/ESL1790 6.0 A: Reasoning In Everyday Language

Offered by: ESL


Fall 2019


Cancelled: Course Delivery





Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

This Modes of Reasoning course is intended for students for whom English is a second language. It addresses the content of Modes of Reasoning while supporting the language proficiency needs of ESL students. Students learn theory and skills that foster critical reading, writing, speaking, and thinking. Students apply theory and skills to the analysis of timely culturally relevant social, ethical, and/or pop culture issues. This course is delivered to enhance the continued learning of the English language for students from an ESL background. Experiential education is built into the course so that skills are actively practiced. Students continually hone their abilities to be both respectfully curious individuals and reasonable skeptics - practices that are helpful in future courses and life generally. Students who have been admitted to York University with an ESL requirement, or can demonstrate an ESL need, will be given permission to enroll in this course. However, this course does not fulfil any ESL requirement. Contact the Department of Philosophy for more information. Course credit exclusions: AP/MODR 1730 6.0; AP/MODR 1760 6.0; AP/MODR 1770 6.0; AP/PHIL 2200 3.0; GL/MODR 1711 6.0 (This does not include course codes prior to 2009 in AS and AK). Open to: Students who have an ESL restriction, or by permission of the course instructor. Note: This course has been approved in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies for general education credit: Humanities/Social Science.

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