AP/GWST3552 6.0 A: Feminist Approaches to Development

Offered by: GWST

(Cross-listed to: GL/GWST3552 6.0A , GL/ILST3552 6.0A , GL/SOCI3552 6.0A )


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

This course uses an anti-racist feminist lens to critically analyze the historical construction of the contested, Western-imposed development paradigm. Using feminist and postcolonial theory, as well as an analysis of political economy, the course examines the paradigm's history, theories, and discursive practices, and its current state of play, exploring structural relations of power and dynamics of agency and resistance. Previously offered as: GL/GWST 3552 6.00, AP/WMST 3552 6.00, GL/WMST 3552 6.00.PRIOR TO FALL 2010: Course credit exclusions: AP/WMST 4511 6.00, GL/WMST 4511 6.00, AP/WMST 4517 6.00, GL/WMST 4517 6.00.

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