AP/HREQ3010 6.0 A: Imperialism, Racism & the Global Economy

Offered by: HREQ


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

This course examines how dominant state and corporate entities form an imperial network of global power relations that further economic class division, racial discrimination and refugee migration, as well as a perpetual war economy. The course pays special attention to the categories of race, class, culture and gender as axes of domination in the globalized world.Prerequisites: 24 credits, including AP/HREQ 1010 6.00 (formerly AP/HREQ 2010 6.00) and AP/HREQ 2030 6.00Course credit exclusion: Prior to Fall/Winter 2018: AP/HREQ 3010 6.00, AP/POLS 3255 6.00 Human Rights and the Global Economy

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