AP/MODR1730 6.0 F: Reasoning About Social Issues

Offered by: MODR


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

This is a skills-based course focusing on critical thinking, research-based writing, and qualitative and quantitative analysis. The particular focus will be on different positions taken within the social sciences on issues such as abortion, euthanasia, pornography, immigration etc. Typical examples are to be analyzed. Course credit exclusions: AP/MODR 1760 6.00, AP/MODR 1770 6.00.

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    Additional Course Instructor/Contact Details

Philip MacEwen


Office Location:  MC 231

Phone Number:  (416) 736-2100 Ext. 77483

Office Hours:  TBA

    Expanded Course Description

This course introduces students to a variety of critical skills that are essential to every professional career. These skills include logical analysis, language analysis, conceptual analysis, fallacy analysis, and writing analysis.

    Required Course Text / Readings

1) Jean Saindon and Peter John Krek, Critical Thinking: Argument and Argumentation, 2nd ed., 2014;


2) Course Kit, MODR 1730C/F, Reasoning about Social Issues

    Weighting of Course

three tests, two essays, and a final exam. All assignments are worth 20% of the final grade. Students get the higher grade of tests 1 and 2, provided they complete both.

    Organization of the Course

The course is divided into three sections: 1) reasoning, logic, language, and the fallacies; 2) conceptual analysis, and 3) critical thinking, reading, and writing about social issues.


    Course Learning Objectives

To learn how to identify and critique the arguments of others and how to construct good arguments oneself.

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