AP/POR3000 6.0 A: Advanced Portuguese

Offered by: POR


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

Offers students a more in-depth development of communicative skills, namely, the ability to listen and to communicate in various contexts, to read according to different purposes and to write several texts in standard Portuguese - including the European and the Brazilian variants. Students acquire an advanced level of competence in order to (inter)act in a wide range of daily situations (personal, public, educational, professional domains). The course also addresses wide cultural contexts representative of the entire Lusophone world with enhanced experiential learning activities and multimedia learning platforms. Special attention is given to subtler points of grammar, idiomatic and context specific language, as well as thematically structured vocabulary. Prerequisite: AP/POR 1050 6.00 or AP/POR 2000 6.00 or permission of the department.

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