AP/GEOG4340 3.0 M: Geoinformatics: GIS II

Offered by: GEOG

(Cross-listed to: SC/GEOG4340 3.0M )


Winter 2020






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

Advanced course in geographic information systems (GIS), oriented around raster structures. Computer graphics for mapping introduced and work undertaken on finely divided surfaces. GIS considers both practical and theoretical questions of interpretation. Macintosh computers and raster-based software used for hands-on focus.Prerequisite: AP/GEOG 3340 3.00 or SC/GEOG 3340 3.00. PRIOR TO FALL 2013: Previously offered as: AP/GEOG 4340 3.00, SC/GEOG 4340 3.00.

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