AP/SOSC4604 3.0 M: Aspects of Development Research

Offered by: SOSC


Winter 2020






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

This course looks at the field experience through the lens of specific case studies. The objective is to uncover through an interdisciplinary approach the issues, ethics and challenges of studying different development practices in the field. The seminar examines both new and long utilized methods and approaches to the study of the people who become the subjects of development research but also - sometimes only a generation later - the protagonists in development projects. Using different ways of understanding the context out of which knowledge is produced and put into development practice, the course will consider what have been regarded over time as ethical and valuable practices in field work. Topics emphasized will vary from year to year depending on the instructor. Course credit exclusions: None. Open to: majors in International Development Studies.

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