AP/SOWK4001 6.0 B: Practicum in Social Work II

Offered by: SOWK


Fall 2020






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

Students continue their 700 hours placement with increased responsibilities and expectations. Students continue to attend integrative seminars with their Faculty Advisor at the School. Students are required to complete a practice-based reflective paper as a part of this course. At the end of the placement, students must be able to function as an entry-level social worker. Note 1: AP/SOWK 4001 6.00 Practicum II is a continuation of the AP/SOWK 4000 6.00 Practicum I setting (see Note 1, AP/SOWK 4000 6.00). Note 2: Students will be given permission to enrol in AP/SOWK 4001 6.00 by the Field Office. Note 3: Post-Degree BSW Honours majors normally complete the practicum requirement by spending two to five days per week in their field placement. Direct Entry BSW Honours majors are expected to spend three days per week in the field. Note 4: While the student's performance is evaluated jointly by the Field Instructor and Faculty Advisor, the School of Social Work determines whether the student has met the requirements which determine a passing grade. Note 5: Open only to students in the Direct Entry BSW Honours and Post-Degree BSW Honours programs. Prerequisites for Post-Degree BSW Honours majors: AP/SOWK 2050 6.00, AP/SOWK 2060 3.00, and AP/SOWK 2070 3.00. AP/SOWK 3041 3.00, AP/SOWK 3060 6.00, AP/SOWK 3070 3.00 and AP/SOWK 3110 3.00. Pre or Corequisite for Post-Degree BSW Honours majors: AP/SOWK 4000 6.00, AP/SOWK 4020 3.00. Prerequisites for Direct Entry BSW Honours majors: 57 credits in non-SOWK courses; AP/SOWK 1011 6.0, AP/SOWK 1011 6.00, AP/SOWK 2050 6.00, AP/SOWK 2060 3.00 and AP/SOWK 2070 3.00 AP/SOWK 3041 3.00, AP/SOWK 3060 6.00, AP/SOWK 3070 3.00, AP/SOWK 3110 3.00, AP/SOWK 4000 6.00 and AP/SOWK 4020 3.00.

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