AP/HIST4765 6.0 A: Gender in East Asian History

Offered by: HIST


Fall 2023


Cancelled: Course Delivery





Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

Examines gender roles in pre-modern and modern China, Korea and Japan. It focuses on women: their places in the family and society, their relationships with one another and men, and the evolution of ideas about gender. Note: Priority is given to History or East Asian Studies Honours majors and minors who have successfully completed at least 84 credits. Prerequisites: AP/HIST 2710 6.00 or AP/HIST 3760 6.00 or AP/HIST 3766 3.00 or AP/HIST 3770 6.00 or AP/HIST 3775 3.00 or AP/HUMA 2420 9.00 or AP/HUMA 2430 9.00 or AP/HUMA 2435 9.00 or AP/HUMA 3500 6.00 or AP/HUMA 3505 3.00 or AP/HUMA 3506 3.00 or AP/HUMA 3510 6.00 or departmental permission.

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