AP/ITEC3230 3.0 A: Designing User Interfaces

Offered by: ITEC


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

Examines a range of topics in the analysis and design of interfaces and human-computer interaction. Focusing on the human perspective, the course will discuss improving interaction with computers and reducing the possible mismatch between human and machine. Prerequisites: AP/ITEC 1000 3.00, AP/ITEC 1010 3.00, AP/ITEC 1620 3.00, AP/ITEC 2610 3.00, AP/ITEC 2620 3.00, SC/MATH 1190 3.00, SC/MATH 2320 3.00, SC/MATH 2565 3.00. PRIOR TO FALL 2014: Course credit exclusions: LE/CSE 3461 3.00. PRIOR TO SUMMER 2013: Prerequisites: General prerequisites. Course credit exclusions: SC/CSE 3461 3.00.

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