AP/ITEC3900 0.0 A: Internship Term

Offered by: ITEC


Fall 2019





Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

The industrial internship provides qualified students with the opportunity to work in the technology field as part of their honours degree program. The Technology Internship Office (TIP) will coordinate placement of students with a specific internship position. Note 1: Registration in sections of AP/ITEC 3900 0.00 while on an internship placement provides a transcript notation of the student's participation in the internship program. Note 2: Students are required to register in this course in every term of their work-term (i.e. internship). Note 3: Every student registered in the course will be assigned a faculty supervisor who will assess the student's performance during the internship. PRIOR TO FALL 2014: Prerequisites: 1) Successful completion of any of the nine AP/ITEC credits at 3000-level listed below, within the three terms prior to enrolment: AP/ITEC 3010 3.00, AP/ITEC 3020 3.00, AP/ITEC 3210 3.00, AP/ITEC 3220 3.00. 2) An overall average of at least B (6.0) in the AP/ITEC courses completed. 3) A minimum of in AP/ITEC 2610 3.00 and AP/ITEC 3010 3.00. 4) Completion of AP/WRIT 3988 3.00 is recommended. 5) Have a minimum of 18 credits remaining to complete their honours degree upon enrolment to the course including courses that are in progress.

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