AP/LING4440 3.0 A: Syntactic Change

Offered by: LING


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

This course deals with morphosyntactic change from a broadly generative perspective. It focuses on large-scale changes, changes resulting in dialectal variation, and changes in progress. Both language-internal and language-external mechanisms by which change takes place are considered. Integrated with: AP/LING 5440 3.00. Prerequisites: AP/LING 2140 3.00 and at least six credits in linguistics (LING) at the 3000-level including AP/LING 3140 3.00, all with grades of C+ or better, or permission of the department. AP/LING 2400 3.00 and AP/LING 3040 3.00 are recommended.

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