AP/ITEC2610 3.0 A: Object-Oriented Programming

Offered by: ITEC


Summer 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

A continuation of problem solving and algorithm development in the context of object-oriented programming techniques. Taught in Java, topics include inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces and events. Object-oriented design principles are presented in conjunction with applications in graphics and user interface. Prerequisites: AP/ITEC 1620 3.00 or LE/CSE 1020 3.00 or LE/EECS 1020 3.00. PRIOR TO SUMMER 2013: Prerequisites: AP/ITEC 1620 3.00 or SC/CSE 1020 3.00. Course credit exclusions: GL/CSLA 1630 3.00, GL/ITEC 1630 3.00.

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