AP/HIST4770 6.0 A: The African Urban Past

Offered by: HIST


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

This course examines Africa's urban past. It first concentrates on precolonial cities as centres of political organization, religious learning, regional and long-distance trade and, thereafter, on urban health, crime, women, crowds, squatters, workers and political movements during the colonial and post-independence eras. Prerequisites: AP/HIST 2750 6.00 or AP/HIST 3780 6.00 or AP/SOSC 2480 9.00 or AP/HIST 3480 6.00 or departmental permission. Course credit exclusions: None. Open to: This course is restricted to History and African Studies Honours majors and minors who have successfully completed at least 84 credits. PRIOR TO FALL 2009: Course credit exclusion: AS/HIST 4770 6.00.

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