AP/PPAS4200 6.0 A: Applied Public Policy Analysis

Offered by: PPAS


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

An applied analysis of specific areas of public policy chosen to reflect current public debates. The primary focus is on Canada, but comparisons with other countries are made where useful to understanding the policy process in Canada. Students apply their knowledge of policy analysis in the context of case studies and/or real world projects with community partners. Prerequisites: 78 credits including AP/PPAS 3190 6.00 or AP/POLS 3190 6.00 or, for students with equivalent preparation, permission of the Undergraduate Program Director. Course credit exclusions: AP/PPAS 4300 6.00, AP/POLS 4300 6.00, GL/POLS 4300 6.00.

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