AP/PPAS4995 6.0 A: Practicum in Public Administration

Offered by: PPAS


Fall 2019






Calendar Description / Prerequisite / Co-Requisite

Public policy and administration students in their fourth-year may take an independent, individually-supervised reading and research course which combines volunteer work experience in an agency with an academic analysis of that experience. The course may be taken either on a full-year or half-year basis, when the student and the course meet the requirements set out by the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies and those established by the department. Prerequisite: AP/PPAS 3190 6.00 or AP/POLS 3190 6.00 or AP/SOCI 3490 6.00 or permission of the Instructor. Note: Enrolment in this course is on a competitive basis and by permission only. Interested students should contact the School of Public Policy & Administration for more information.

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